(Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon)

You say you wanna get away
Feel the sun on your back
Forget the race
Just get off the track
Well that's alright…
'Cause I feel that way too
Yeah, I've been there before
You don't have to go far
To lose what you do
And find who you are
Yeah that's alright…

Start livin' the good life
Just wanna feel right
And it's cool coming down
Cool coming down
This is the real life
Forget the headlines
And it's cool all around
Cool you down, cool me down

So now you got it in your head
But you're wondering why
You're still so afraid
Well that's part of the high
Yeah that's alright…


Losing the war in the battle somehow
Look for yourself in the here and the now
The love of our lives can escape us it seems
Where is the life that we live in our dreams?

(1st verse)


Copyright 1997
Lead Vocal and Harmonica: Kipp