December 31, 1998
Happy New Year's, everybody!  To celebrate, I'm providing what's sure to sweep the world as an all-purpose alternative to "Auld Lang Syne."  You guessed it, it's Venice's "Very Real" played backwards!  As the clock strikes 12:00, sing along with someone you love.

RealAudio 28.8k / RealAudio 56k

December 30, 1998

I've stumbled across a real rarity.  Victor Feldman's Generation Band, and their album "Smooth."  This was released in 1986 on TBA Records, a tiny little label in Studio City, California.  This mostly instrumental album came and went quickly and has been long forgotten, but it's of particular interest to us, because the two songs that contain singing feature lead vocals by Kipp Lennon.  Audio clips are at the bottom of
this page.

December 29, 1998
I'm trying something new today.  I'm making the "Into the Night" avi files available.  These files are zipped, but they're still absolutely huge, and I don't recommend downloading them without
GetRight.  The advantage, of course, is much improved picture and sound.  (For best results, view them in full-screen mode.)  Please e-mail me at and let me know if these avi's are of value to you.  If they are, then I'll do the same for all the other video files, but if they aren't, then I'd rather not put in all the time and work.  Anyway, those are here.

(If you don't see "Download avi" listed as an option, just hit "reload.")

December 28, 1998
New video files, donated by the ever-reliable
June and Gail.  These are two of Venice's appearances on Rick Dees' short-lived 1991 talk show, "Into the Night," where they perform "Time On My Hands," "I'll Be Drivin'" (the abridged recording that made it to "Garage Demos"), "Bad Timing Song" and "Circle of Life."  Plus an interview with Dees, where Kipp declares himself to be a confirmed bachelor.  Those video files are all over here.

These are the second and third times Venice appeared on the show.  If anyone has the first appearance, please contact me at  Thanks!

December 27, 1998
Happy holidays, everybody!  Lots of new stuff on the way.  Here's what I've gotten to so far.  The interview that I conducted with the band in 1997 is now available as an audio file.  And as a bonus, I've included the radio promos the guys did, complete with outtakes!  It's all over

Also, Michelle was able to get us two versions of of the Venice promo that's been running on KXST (Sets 102.1) in San Diego.  Those are over here.  Thanks Michelle!

More soon...

December 22, 1998
More new pictures today.  The first of the Troubadour pics come from
Joyce.  Those are here.  Jennifer Murrell (last name included so as not to confuse her with Jennifer Kaplan) contributed various shots, including many taken at the House of Blues. And finally, Kaki sent me some Scruffy O'Shea pictures, mailed all the way from Japan!

December 20, 1998
Joyce donated a bunch of new pictures from this month's Santa Barbara show.  They start here.

Lots of new audio today.  Sound clips from Mark Lennon's appearances on the "Hidden Stars Sing Christmas" album, plus Venice members singing backup for Eric Carmen, Mary Cutrufello and Married With Children's Peggy Bundy herself, Katey Sagal.

And best of all, there's a new 30 minute Venice concert recorded in 1980 at Gazarri's on the Sunset Strip!  Thanks once again to June and Gail for providing this page with some amazing historical material!

Oh yeah, and I changed the name of this webpage to Venice Central.  No particular reason.

I've got tons more cool things to add, I just haven't had time to do it.  Hopefully I'll get some of it done over next week's holiday weekend.  Keep checking back, just in case...

December 15, 1998
I've gotten a ton of e-mails from people requesting cassette copies of Anastasia & John's house concert.  I have neither the time nor the resources to mass-produce this tape, but I've thought up a compromise.  I've taken my DAT recording and digitally transferred it to an MP3 file, which is a 99.9% perfect transfer.  In fact, the sound quality of this file is better than a cassette copy would be, because there's no loss of audio quality, and there's no tape hiss.

It's a long download, but if you start it going right before you go to sleep at night, it'll be done when you wake up in the morning.  And from that file, you can then make your own cassette copies.  Providing you have a capable sound card, they'll sound just as good as they would have had I dubbed them for you directly from the master.

Click here to download the MP3 file.

If you need an MP3 player, the best for the IBM compatible is Winamp, which you can download here.  If you have a Macintosh, you'll meed Macamp, which is available here.

I also recommend using GetRight for this huge file, because it'll allow you to resume broken downloads. (In English, that means that if you're disconnected in the middle of any download, you can resume the download after you've reconnected, and it will pick up right where you left off, instead of starting again from the beginning.) If you don't have GetRight, get it here.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me, and I'll see what I can do to help.

December 14, 1998
Okay, so this is only semi Venice-related.  Because there were so many out-of-town Venice fans who traveled to Los Angeles this past weekend for the Christmas show, a special house concert was staged yesterday afternoon, featuring several acts that appear often at Venice shows.  The headliner was Anastasia & John, who have opened for Venice at several Santa Barbara shows.  I recorded their incredible set using professional equipment, and they granted me permission to distribute the recording. So I'm providing it here.  If you enjoy this concert, I strongly recommend you pick up their album, which can be obtained from John Daly at

Anastasia & John House Concert



Download 56k

December 11, 1998

"Master of All Trades, Jack of None" Pete Valenzuela has donated some great pictures, four of them taken way back in 1985! They're over here.

December 5, 1998
In case anyone needs it, here are directions to the Santa Barbara Coach House, coming from Los Angeles.  101 north.  Exit at Garden Street and turn left.  After 2 blocks, turn right on Yanonali.  Go for one block, then turn left onto Santa Barbara Street. It's right there on the left.  See you guys there!

December 4, 1998
Okay, this is silly.  Typical of webpage chatrooms, everyone keeps missing each other, and I don't believe a single conversation has yet taken place.  There needs to be a little more organization, so here's my best attempt at it.  From now on, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be chat nights, starting sharply at 7:00pm pacific standard time.  In addition, weekend chats will be held on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00pm pacific standard time.

If you're the first one there, stick around for five or ten minutes, and hopefully others will join you soon.  (If you're in Default Mode, remember to press enter often.  Otherwise, someone could be in the room with you and you'd never know it.)

Of course, the chat room will still be operating 24 hours a day, so if you want to schedule your own chats with friends, by all means, go ahead.  But rather than dropping by at random times hoping to catch someone, now you can drop by at the scheduled times, and your luck should be much better.

Hopefully, this will solve the problem.

November 30, 1998
On the afternoon of Sunday, December 13th, the day after Venice's Troubadour show, an invitation-only house concert will take place in Oak Park, California (about 20 minutes from Los Angeles, adjacent to Thousand Oaks).  The line up will be Tim Moyer (who has opened up for Venice at many San Diego shows), John Vester (frequent Venice collaborator), and Anastasia & John (who have opened up for Venice at many Santa Barbara shows).  If you're interested in attending, e-mail John Daly at

November 27, 1998
In case anyone's interested, I've put up a chat room.  You can get there from the main page.

Also, new pictures from last week's Country Market show, sent in by Peter.  Check 'em out here.

November 18, 1998
The Pine Mountain Logs (Venice under a fake name, playing nothing but cover songs) will play this Friday night, November 20, at Longshots Sports Bar at Hollywood Park.  1050 South Prairie Avenue, next door to the Great Western Forum in Inglewood.  Live music and live horseracing!  For more information (like showtime, for example) call (310) 419-1505.

November 17, 1998
I ran across a short article in the Colorado Daily newspaper, from July, 1997, and I've posted it
here.  The article incorrectly identified Kipp and Michael as the lead singers and Pat and Mark as the two guitarists, so I took the liberty of fixing that.  No reason to reproduce misinformation here on the webpage.

November 14, 1998
Sorry for the recent lack of updates.  I've been unbelievably busy with work.

Got some new pictures up today.  Jennifer sent me a bunch from John Vester's set at the Abbot Kinney festival, where Michael Lennon played guitar and he, Pat, Kipp and Mark sang backup.  Those are here.  Also, Catherine submitted some pictures from the House of Blues and the Alex Theater in Glendale.  (So when you listen to the KPCC radio broadcast and you hear clicks all through the songs, now you know, that's Catherine taking pictures.)  You'll find those shots here.

November 11, 1998
New show date added, November 21 at the Grand Opening of the Venice Country Market.  The two hour acoustic set starts at 11am.  If anyone knows the address, please e-mail me.

November 4, 1998
A couple of people have been having trouble subscribing to the Community Mailing List.  If you find yourself unable to connect to ONElist or unable to register once you're there, please e-mail me privately and I'll be happy to add you to the list myself. Once again, I'm at

November 2, 1998
Venice has a new mailing list. No, this isn't the one that comes from the band where they send you headlines once a month.  This is a Community Mailing List, designed for group discussions.  Every time you send an e-mail to a specific address, it's automatically forwarded to everyone who is subscribed to the list.  And likewise, every time somebody on the list sends or responds to a note, it's automatically forwarded to you.  So when you sign up, expect to recieve 5 to 50 e-mail messages a day.  (Unless you sign up for the digest version, which compiles all the day's activities into one letter.)

Hopefully, in addition to Venice talk, the group will also branch out into other topics.  It will be a collection of intelligent people brought together by a bond of similar musical taste, so it should be interesting to see where this thing goes.  Care to join us? Then head here and sign up!

November 1, 1998
Christmas came early this year!  Yesterday afternoon, I got a package in the mail from June and
Gail.  They sent over some photographs of Venice performing at a backyard party in 1979!  Pictures of very young Lennons can be found here.

But even cooler than that, they also sent some selections from teen magazines from the early 1980s, featuring a young Kipp Lennon as a budding sex symbol.  Girls, get ready to start screaming...

Also, more Sedona pictures from Becky over here!

October 27, 1998
A technical tip for those of you who are having trouble downloading files.  Instead of your usual left-click with your mouse, use a right-click on the file name (where it says "Download 56k) and then choose "Save link as" from the menu that pops up.  Choose a folder to put it in, then hit "Okay."  That ought to do it.

Hey, I'm interested in getting some feedback from you guys.  I only have a counter up on the main page, so I have no idea which sections of the webpage are popular and which sections are dead.  Please drop me a quick e-mail and let me know which areas you visit regularly, and which ones you never go to.  It would really help me to determine where I should continue to spend time updating regularly, and where I shouldn't bother.  Also, if anyone has any suggestions for the page, I'd love to hear them.  Please e-mail me at  Thanks!

October 23, 1998
So how stupid am I?  The KPCC concert was on the radio last night until about 11pm.  As soon as it finished, I spent 2 hours making a wav file, then edited and shaped that file for another 3 or 4 hours.  Then I spent another several hours transferring that file into two RealAudio files, 28.8k and 56k.  It's now 8:30am, time to get ready for work, and I forgot to sleep.  Oops!

Anyway, I've uploaded the 56k version, and it should be working now.  I'm going to set the 28.8k version to upload while I'm at work, so it should be ready to go around 11am pacific standard time.  If anyone has any problems listening to these files, please let me know.  They're over here, right at the top.  Just like I promised, it's a full 2 hour show, including all 4 new songs and some great new arrangements of older classics.  (Check out Mark's whistle-solo on "For A Kiss," where the other instruments go silent, and Michael's guitar riffing towards the end of "Charm You.")

It's worth pointing out that while the songs that make up this concert are great, full versions, they're hardly the definitive versions.  The sound quality and radio mix are less than stellar, not to mention mono, and they pale in comparison to the studio cuts.  Please don't do yourself the disservice of letting these audio files take the place of owning these songs on CD.  If you like the music, buy the albums!

In other news, now that "The Mermaid Song" and "Garden Wall" are available, I took the opportunity to type out the lyrics.  They're over on the Lyrics Page if anyone's interested.

I've gotten quite a few pictures over the last couple of weeks, but haven't had a chance to get to them.  Well, they're all finally up.  Check them out here, here, here and here.

Remember how big the webpage was a week ago?  Well, it's even bigger now.......

October 21, 1998
New newsletter today:


Thanks to everyone who came out to Sedona on October 4th for the Verde Valley School benefit.  It was a great day.  Performing with Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Marc Cohn, Patty Griffin, John Trudell and Bruce Cockburn was a thrill, to say the least.

Also, thanks to KPCC for the wonderful night at the Alex Theatre in Glendale last week.  We definitely hope to play there again.

We have some shows coming up that we wanted to let you know about.  Our friend Matt's Venice Site is a great way to keep tabs on us.
Matt's Venice Web Site.

You can also get Venice information and buy cd's from our label, Vanguard Records
Venice Home Page.

Here's our show information:

Venice Live

Thursday, October 22
The Belly Up Tavern
143 South Cedros
Solana Beach, CA
(619) 481-9022
(with opening act Tim Moyer)

Saturday, October 24
Venice opens for Little Feat at the House of Blues
8430 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
(213) 848-5100
(21 and over)

Saturday, December 5
Coach House North
110 Santa Barbara St.
Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 962-8877
(2 drink minimum)
(with opening act Anastasia & John)

Wednesday, December 9
The Belly Up Tavern
143 South Cedros
Solana Beach, CA
(619) 481-9022

Saturday, December 12
The Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
(310) 276-6168

We will have some additional exciting concert news soon.  Stay tuned.

Best Regards,


October 19, 1998

VENICE CONCERT ON THE RADIO: This Thursday night, October 22, from 9pm to 11pm, KPCC 89.3 FM will broadcast last Thursday night's Glendale show in its entirety.  All four new songs were performed and will be part of the set.  If you're in LA and can pick up this station, don't miss it!

Okay, my intentions were good, but there's not much point in having a link to tour dates on a webpage that's not going to keep their information updated.  So I've finally just made my own Tour Dates Page, and I'll keep the info up to date with information that comes in from the band newsletters, from local newspaper listings, and from fans with their ears to the wall.  Hopefully you'll pull your ears away long enough to type me a quick note.

October 18, 1998
John Daly (CruelF8) is selling discounted tickets to Venice's Santa Barbara show on December 5th.  As well as being a huge Venice fan, John is also the manager of opening act Anastasia and John.  Opening acts make a percentage of each ticket they sell themselves.  Also, whichever of the two opening acts sells more tickets gets the better spot, playing second (when more people have arrived) instead of first (when the place is still empty).  Buying tickets from John will not hurt Venice's intake, as they are paid a flat fee.  But it helps A & J, and you get in for $8 instead of $10.  So if you're interested, e-mail John at, or leave him a voice mail at (805) 677-7715.

In other Venice fan news, Lori Burton, the gal who runs Gypsy's Chamber with all the shots of Venice as teenagers, got married over the weekend!  Send your congratulations to

October 17, 1998
We now have our first batch of pictures officially donated from inside the band's camp.  Lighting designer
Marty Carrillo has provided us with 20 amazing shots of the band on tour.  Check 'em out here!

By the way, at the top of every page of pictures is a link to the doner's e-mail.  All you have to do is click on their name, and it will open up your e-mail program with a form addressed to whoever it was that sent me those pictures.  So if you ever see a shot you particularly like, please give a quick compliment to the photographer!

October 16, 1998
And now, the announcement everyone's been waiting for.  (Drum roll, please...)  The Christmas Show -- a.k.a. "A Very Venice Christmas," a.k.a. "A Venice Carol," a.k.a. "It's A Venice-derful Life," a.k.a. "Walkin' In A Venice Lennonland," a.k.a. "The 12 Venices of Christmas," a.k.a. "Frosty the Venice Fan," a.k.a. "A Miracle On Venice Blvd.," a.k.a. "Jack Frost Nipping At Your Venice," a.k.a. "It's A Venice Show, Charlie Brown," a.k.a. "Venice-Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire," a.k.a. "Venice the Red Nosed Reindeer and Other Assorted Venice-on," a.k.a. "Venice This Long String of Bad Jokes Going To End?" -- is going to take place on Saturday, December 12 at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.  So start making those travel plans.  All we wanna do is have some fun, until the sun comes up over the corner of Doheny and Santa Monica Blvd!

And here are some more dates, compliments of the band's manager, Cliff.

Here's a show update...

Saturday, October 24 -- Venice opens for Little Feat at the House of Blues,
West Hollywood, CA

Saturday, December 5 -- Venice Live at the Coach House North, Santa Barbara, CA

Wednesday  December 9 -- Venice Live at The Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA

Saturday, December 12 -- Venice Live at The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA

We'll also soon have an update on a show in November!

Best Regards,


October 14, 1998
Over the last few months, the one request that I've gotten over and over again has been to add a Tour Dates page.  My answer has always been that I didn't feel comfortable doing that, because those dates exist on the internet already, on Vanguard's website, and I didn't want to steal that information from them and then print it as my own.  So what I did was put up a link to Vanguard's site on the Links page, where it clearly states that you can find tour dates there.  Also, I've posted all the band's newsletters here on the News Page, which always contain the latest show information.  I felt these were the best ways to handle it.  But the requests have kept coming, so now I've come up with a new compromise.  I've put a Tour Dates listing into the Table of Contents on the main page, but instead of having it point to a page where I duplicate the info from Vanguard's site, it points directly to Vanguard's site.  So that information is now easily accessible from this webpage, and everyone gets the credit they deserve.  Okay?  Everybody happy?

October 13, 1998
In case anyone's curious about how staggeringly huge this website really is, here are the statistics, as of today:

171 pages
135 audio files (some as long as 90 minutes in length)
52 video files
1101 pictures

And still growing........

October 12, 1998
More Sedona pix over
here.  Thanks to Jan for the heads-up!

John Vester update: John will make an appearance at Venice's Glendale show this Thursday.  Then he'll be headling at Genghis Cohen on October 30th at 10:30pm.  He'll also be performing with Anastasia & John at the Coffee Junction in Tarzana in November.  I'll post that date as soon as I have it.  (A & J are a great acoustic duo who opened up for Venice at the last Santa Barbara show, and are scheduled to do it again at the next one, December 5th.)

(And for those who don't know, John Vester wrote "We're Still Here" for Venice, and co-wrote "When I Get Over You" and two songs that will appear on Venice's next album, "The Mermaid Song" and "The Road To Where You Are."  You can hear excerps from his album over here.)

October 11, 1998
I've just posted the first set of Sedona pictures, sent to me by
Becky.  Some great shots here, and there will be many more to come, so keep checking back.

October 7, 1998
Our three month anniversary, and we just passed 3000 hits.  Which means the webpage is averaging 1000 visits a month.  Great job, everybody.  Let's keep spreading the word!

October 6, 1998
And now, Bring On the Next One: I called the Alex Theater in Glendale today and found out that next Thursday's show is completely general admission.  Which means you don't have to buy overpriced food or drinks to get the best seats, you just have to show up early!  Comedian
Steve Altman is going on at 8:00pm, and then Venice will take the stage right after, probably around 8:45 or 9:00pm.  So it'll be a slightly earlier show, in honor of the fact that we all have to work the next morning.  A huge thank you to whoever it was that made that decision.

October 4, 1998
While you guys were all off having fun in Sedona, Arizona, I spent the weekend digitizing pictures.  Yes, camera-happy
Jennifer dropped off roughly 75 pictures that she took a few weeks ago at the Abbot-Kinney Festival.  (And she has even more that are currently being developed!)  It took me most of the weekend to scan them all in, and then I built a new thumbnail page around them.  The result of our work is over here.  I like to call it: "Jennifer's Gallery of Mark Lennon Pictures, Along With One Or Two Shots of Some Family Members Mark Happens To Be In A Band With."

October 1, 1998
Venice will play the Coach House in Santa Barbara on Saturday, December 5th.  Still no word on the much-hyped Christmas show, but I'll post that info as soon as I have it.

September 27, 1998
Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I've been pretty busy.

I removed the survey page today.  There hasn't been any activity there for a while, and since the webboard is available for group discussions, a survey page seemed unnecessary.

Joyce sent me some pictures from the Belly Up show a few weeks ago.  Take a look over here.

I found a couple of my old BAM Magazines with Venice articles in them.  Both are from 1993.  In their cover issue, Venice was declared LA's Best Undiscovered Band.  And in another issue, they reviewed an acoustic show at the Coconut Teaszer.

The Sedona show is next week.  I won't be able to attend, but I'd appreciate it if anyone who goes would please send me reviews, setlists, pictures, whatever.  Should be a great one. Thanks!

Finally, the band sent a newsletter today, with a couple more showdates:

We have some very special shows coming up that we want to tell you about!

Sunday, October 4
Venice live at the Verde Valley Music Festival
Hamilton Warren Amphiteatre Sedona, AZ
(with Jackson Browne; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Marc Cohn;
John Trudell; Patty Griffin; Bruce Cockburn)

Thursday, October 15th
KPCC Presents Venice at the Alex Theater
216 N. Brand Blvd. in Glendale, CA  8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $15.00 - In advance call Telecharge (800) 233-3123
or at the Door (818) 243-7700

Thursday, October 22
Venice Live at The Belly Up
Solana Beach, CA
(619) 481-9022

Best Regards,


September 18, 1998
Yet another newsletter today, from  As always, if you don't already subscribe, drop them a note and ask them to add you to the list!


We have a few big shows coming up that we wanted to remind you about:

Sunday, September 20 Doheny Days Music Festival
Doheny StateBeach Dana Point, CA
(with Everclear, Seven Mary Three, Royal Crown Revue, Dogstar, Common Sense, Wild Child)
Info: 714-262-2662  Ticketmaster:213-480-3232

Sunday, October 4 Verde Valley Music Festival
Hamilton Warren Amphiteatre Sedona, AZ
(with Jackson Browne; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Marc Cohn; John Trudell; Patty Griffin; Bruce Cockburn)

We hope to see many of you in Dana Point or Sedona!

We're getting ready to go into the studio in October and have been trying out many new songs at our recent shows.  We can't wait to get out on the road again in the Spring.  Thanks for all of the support we've been getting from around the world!

Best Regards,


September 17, 1998
Dena has contributed a review of the McCabe's show and a picture.  Yay Dena!

September 16, 1998
Here's some more info on this Sunday's Doheny Days performance in Dana Point.  Venice will be on the Hennessey's Tavern Stage at 5:45pm for their 45 minute set.  They will not be given any extra time, because Everclear hits the main stage at 6:30pm, and schedules are very important at events like this one.

Tickets for the single day are $22 in advance and $25 at the door.  For further information, call (949) 262-2662.

For a full schedule of the weekend's performances, click here.

September 14, 1998
Jennifer submitted a batch of new photos from last month's McCabe's shows, including a great one of Pat with John Vester. Check them out here.

Speaking of John Vester, he'll be performing this coming Friday night, September 18, at Genghis Cohen.  Showtime is 10:30pm.  In case you missed it, John did an incredible hour-long set at the Abbot-Kinney Festival yesterday.  Michael Lennon played guitar through the whole show, and he, Kipp, Mark and Pat sang backup on most of the songs.  Mark even sang lead on a couple.  The set included many of the songs John has written for Venice, "When I Get Over You," "The Road To Where You Are," "The Mermaid Song" and "We're Still Here."  If you haven't been to one of John's shows, I recommend it highly.

(Genghis is located at 740 N. Fairfax in Los Angeles.  (213) 653-0640.)

September 13, 1998
Okay, here's the information I've promised you about how to order the new t-shirts.  The design looks like this:

They're available in navy blue, forest green, orange and khaki.  They're on sale at all the shows for $15 apiece, or you can order them by mail for $17 each by sending check or money order to:

P.O. Box 12228
Venice Blvd., #435
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Please specify what color you want, and whether you want a large or an extra-large.  Don't forget to include your name and address.  And be sure and tell 'em the webpage sent you!

September 7, 1998
Added pictures from last month's Santa Barbara show from both Wally and Joyce.  David Crosby is featured in both sets.  Thanks guys!

September 5, 1998
Added two new newspaper articles today, from
The North County Times Preview and The Daily Breeze's Rave Section.  In both of them, Michael states that the next album will be more rock-and-roll than "Born and Raised," which is great news.  And in the North County article, he even mentions this webpage!

September 3, 1998
Wanda sent some pictures from the Rocky Mountain Festival in Lyons, Colorado a couple of weeks ago.  Check 'em out here!

August 31, 1998
We passed 2000 hits today!  Good job, everybody!

According to the LA Times, Venice will be participating in a festival called Doheny Days on Sunday, September 20 at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point.  Tickets are $22 to $45 through Ticketmaster.  Other acts on the bill that day are Everclear, Royal Crown Revue, Seven Mary Three, Dogstar, Common Sense and Wild Child.  (When you purchase tickets, make sure you have the right day.  The festival runs the entire weekend, but Venice only plays on Sunday.)

Also, as many of you already know, Venice will also be performing in Sedona, Arizona on Sunday, October 4th.  They share the bill with Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Marc Cohn, Patti Griffin, Bruce Cockburn and John Trudell.

August 30, 1998
The band has some new t-shirts on sale.  I'll post the information on how you can order them as soon as Michael gives it to me, but just to whet your appetite, the new design looks like this:

In other news, I added some photographs from the Santa Barbara show of August 7th.  I took these pictures myself, so you know they're good.  Check 'em out here.

August 28, 1998
A NEW VENICE PAGE DEBUTED THIS MORNING!!!  It was put together by a very hip chick, Lori Burton, who has known the band since they were 14 years old.  And if you don't believe that, go to her page right now to see lots of pictures of teenage Lennons.

And if you think those pictures are frightening, I haven't told you about the scariest one yet.  She put up one of me.  Proceed with caution...

Just so you know, because Lori is extremely subtle on this point, it took her months to complete this page.  So everybody should go there right now.  Trust me, you're in for a treat.

Gypsy's Chamber

August 25, 1998

I haven't called attention to it, but in the last few weeks, several fans have sent me concert reviews, and they've all been posted. If you're interested in hearing all about the shows that you couldn't make, it's all right here.

August 24, 1998

Since putting up this site about a month and a half ago, fans have been sending me bootleg cassette tapes of Venice concerts. I've been debating about what to do with these, because so far, every single audio and video clip on this page has been professional, official, and extremely high quality.  These bootleg cassettes fall into none of those categories.  They were all taken from tape recorders that were snuck into shows, and the music is extremely muffled and hard to make out.

However, there are many songs on these tapes that aren't available anywhere else. Original songs that have never been released, and about a dozen cover songs. The covers are often the best part of the live shows, and by not having those clips on this site, we're missing a vital component of what makes Venice so great.

So I've decided to post the clips.  I've made a Bootlegs Page in the audio section.  As per my agreement with the band, I will not post full versions of original songs.  I will also not post any songs that are intended for the next album  ("Always," "The Road To Where You Are," or any others that are yet to be debuted).

Please keep in mind that these are not official releases and they should not be regarded as such.  These are poor quality recordings that serve to bring some forgotten songs to the forefront, and to illustrate the magic that happens when Venice puts their signature onto classic tracks.

If you have recordings of any songs that you don't see on this page, or you have tapes of these same songs, but with better sound quality, please contact me at  I'd like to get this collection as comprehensive as possible. Thanks!

August 23, 1998
Three words for you:
Venice In Holland!!!

August 22, 1998
Added The Lennon Brothers' swing version of "Charm You" to the
Audio Page.  I think you'll like this one.

Got some great updates coming up in the next few days, so don't wander too far.....

August 20, 1998
The "Friends of Venice" Webboard is really hopping these days.  Head on over and get in on the conversations!

August 18, 1998
If you've attended Venice's last Santa Barbara show, then you were no doubt impressed by opening act Anastasia & John. They have their own site, where you can purchase their new album, and you can now get to their site from the bottom of the
links page.

If any other groups that have opened up for Venice have their own webpage, please send me the URL, and I'll be happy to provide a link.

August 13, 1998
John Daly asked me to pass this along:


John Vester will be appearing live in concert on Friday, August 21 at 10:30pm at Genghis Cantina, here in Los Angeles.

Venice fans will recognize the name John Vester as the writer or co-writer of Venice songs such as "We're Still Here," "When I Get Over You" and "The Road To Where You Are."

John is a great act to catch live, and the Cantina is a great place to see him perform.  Located near the intersection of Fairfax and Melrose, the Cantina only seats about 50.  A very small, very private, very intimate venue.

740 N. Fairfax, 1/2 block north of Melrose, 213/653-0640

And remember...John often has "special" guests appear at his shows.

Hope to see some of you there!

Got an update from Kevin Lennon this morning:

Hello to all,
Just wanted to let you guys know what's up next week...

We're leaving early Sunday morning for Boise, Idaho.  We play at the KXFJ Birthday Concert  Sunday night.  These guys have been behind "Born and Raised" from the start (and still are!).  VENICE was voted "favorite group" for 1998 at this station.

We'll get in a three day mini-vacation in Idaho -- i.e. river rafting, fishing, maybe go to Sun Valley for a couple days (yes, we have relatives there...).  Then off to Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, the 18th.

Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO.
Tuesday night 18th

Wed. 19th thru Thurs. 20th
Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School,  Lyons, CO.
(The boys will be giving a vocal harmony seminar both days).
If you haven't heard about this venue, you must see it!  It sits on a river nestled under a large canyon wall...really beautiful!

Friday 21st
VENICE plays on the main stage

Two days of R&R in Boulder, then HOME!

Hope to see some of you guys there...

August 10, 1998
As you've probably already seen from the link on the homepage, I've put together a plan on how we, the fans, can band together and give Venice the push they need towards superstardom.  If you haven't already read the details, read them now.

I guess enough time has passed.  I've posted the Venice article that was published in the July 1998 issue of Showtime Magazine.

August 9, 1998
sound clips from three more albums that Venice makes guest appearances on.  John Vester's "My Heart Is In Your Hands," Troy Newman's "It's Like This" and Michael Ruff's "Speaking In Melodies."  I'm running out of audio and video clips to add.  If you've got anything that doesn't yet appear on these pages, please contact me at  Thanks!

I liked the thumbnail stuff I did for the pictures pages so much, I turned that into the homepage for the pictures section, and changed all the links accordingly.  (That little piece of news was strictly for the one or two of you out there that actually care. Hope you two enjoyed that.)

August 8, 1998
Just added the rest of the Santa Monica Pier concert to the
Video Clips page.  I don't have time to check all the links, so if any of them don't work, please let me know.

Jennifer sent me some great pictures from the Topanga Days Festival.  This was the crazy show with all the Deadheads, and her pictures tell quite a story.  They're over here.

August 5, 1998
We passed 1000 hits today, 3 days shy of our one month anniversary!  Them numbers ain't too shabby.  Thanks to everyone for helping make this page an overwhelming success!

To celebrate, I revamped the homepage with some totally useless and redundant information.  But hey, it's a little different, and that's always good, right?

August 3, 1998
As promised, I have several new video clips posted.

First, there are five songs taped at the Mayfair Theater in 1995.  A HUGE thank you to Anonymous Donor (AD) for mailing this over to me.  These are truly great clips.  I was there when these two concerts were taped, one night acoustic and one night electric, and I remember that they were both amazing shows.  If anyone has the full tapes, please contact me.  Thanks!

I also posted Venice's appearance on KTLA News back in March.  I had this one taped myself, it was just a matter of finding it.

And finally, I added two more songs to the 1993 concert at the Santa Monica Pier.  Eventually, I will get this entire show posted.  But this is tedious work, and I don't have much free time to do it in, so please be patient.

Once again, if anyone has any videotapes you'd like to donate to the page, please contact me at and I'll send you my mailing address.

Also, new pictures added tonight, from Mar and Joyce.  Thanks to the two of them for their contributions!

August 2, 1998
A new newsletter today, from  If you don't already subscribe, drop them a note and ask them to add you to the list!

Venice update for August 2, 1998

Greetings everyone!

We've added a few shows, so we're sending you this update.   Many people have written asking when we're heading East again.  We are working on new songs now and will be finishing the album in the Fall so we hope to get on the road again in early '99.  In the meantime, we'll be doing shows in California and two in Colorado, as listed below, and hope to see you all soon!

Please note that we are not playing Catalina on August 14th.  We hope to get back there soon.

We've added a Santa Barbara show for next Friday!!!

Venice Live...

Friday, August 7,      The Coach House North Santa Barbara, CA

Sun, August 16         KFXJ Birthday Concert        Boise, ID

Tuesday, August 18  Fox Theatre                      Boulder, CO

Wed, August 19 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School Lyons, CO
and Thu, August 20

Fri, August 21 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Performance Lyons, CO

Sat, August 29         McCabe's          Santa Monica, CA (Two Shows)

Sun, August 30         McCabe's          Santa Monica, CA (One show)

Thu, September 10    Belly Up             Solana Beach, CA

Sun, September 13    Abbot-Kinney Street Fair (free show)

We hope you're enjoying your Summer!



Some links to check out...

Venice Jam TV

Matt's Venice Web Site
...this is full of Venice information...thanks Matt!

Venice Home Page

No problem, guys.  Happy to help.

I'll have new video clips posted soon, so keep checking back!

August 1, 1998
I just spent the last five hours making Ken's pictures easier to navigate through the use of Thumbnails.  To enjoy the fruits of my labor, go here.

July 30, 1998
Got a band update today from Kevin Lennon, audio engineer and Michael and Mark's brother:

Hey VENICE fans,

Just thought I'd fill you in on the most recent Venice news.  We're leaving tomorrow, July 31st, for Bay Harbor Michigan.  This is our second year in a row playing a private gig at the BAY HARBOR YACHT CLUB.

You're probably saying, "private gig?"  It's actually an all expenses paid 4 day vacation (w/spouses!), i.e. swimming, horseback riding, water skiing, sailing, golfing, eating and drinking, in return for a little mini-concert.  Our brother, Tony Lennon is president of sales / marketing at the resort.

I'll let you know how it went upon our return...



July 27, 1998
John Daly asked me to post the following:

Dying for a music fix?   Looking for something to tide you over till Venice releases their next CD?  Your search is over.

John Vester (the writer or co-writer of Venice songs such as "We're Still Here," "When I Get OverYou" and the newest song they've been playing at their live shows, "The Road To Where You Are") has copies of his CD titled "My Heart is in Your Hands" available now.

Featured prominently on John's CD are Mark Lennon and Michael Lennon, Kate Markowitz, Valerie Carter, and a whole lot of other guest musicians familiar to Venice fans.

John's CD is available by sending a check or money order ($17.50, including shipping and handling) made out to John Vester to the following address:

John Vester
220 Grand Blvd.
Venice, CA  90291

Mention you heard about it on the Venice webpage and he will be glad to autograph it for you!

This CD features an excellent version of "We're Still Here!"

July 26, 1998
Got a funny and informative e-mail tonight. Thought I'd share it with you.

To whom it may concern,

I've been a Venice fan for many years now, and was just recently introduced to this web site. You have put together an amazing amount of data, great pics and tons of band information.  I've enjoyed everything from the pictures to the set lists from the early days.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site.

Now, with that said, there is something I'd like to address. THE MADMAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN (or in most cases, the madman in front of the curtain).  Every show I've been to, I've seen him, you've seen him, we've all seen him.  This MADMAN does everything from setting up all the band's gear to replacing broken guitar strings.  This man is basically the band's security blanket.  He played bass on a cross country radio tour, when no other bass player was available.  And who knew he blew such a mean sax?  It's obvious the band appreciates him, because they always give him recognition at the shows.  However, I have yet to see any of this recognition in print, and that is the reason I'm writing...

Kevin Lennon does an amazing job of giving us, the fans, the perfect balance of voices and instruments that is Venice.  Marty Carrillo, the lighting designer, sets the mood and creates the vibe that so perfectly accents the music.  These two people are as much a part of the live Venice experience as the singers and musicians on stage.  BUT WHAT ABOUT PETE???? ... At any givin show, Pete sweats more than the drummer (and I'm sure you've seen that)...

I'm tired of hearing him bitch and moan about working all night at his real job, getting maybe 2 hours sleep, only to get up, pack the van and drive to some club hours away, then unpack the van, set up the gear, do sound check, make sure everything is perfect so we the fans get the best Venice show possible.  After the show, while the band is signing autographs, he's the one packing all the gear back into the van so he can get back home to grab a few hours sleep before he has to go back to his real job...

After all this, you are probably asking yourself why he does it, and who the hell am I, that I know all this?

Well, my name's Steve, and Pete's my roommate...  I was there when Pete had to learn 23 songs on bass (in our living room, till 5am) in 4 days, so he could go on the radio tour and not embarrass himself or the band.  Pete's a perfectionist, and gives his all at everything he attempts in life, and Venice is a huge part of his life.  Michael Lennon calls him "Master of all trades, Jack of none," and he tries to live by that.

BUT I HAVE TO LIVE WITH HIM, so do me a favor, give Pete some print, then maybe I'll get some sleep ...
Steve Hartley.
(Pete Valenzuela's roommate)

So now you know.  The next time you see Pete at a show, give him a pat on the back and let him know he's appreciated.

July 25, 1998
I went to Tower Records today and started playing around with their in-store computer album reference thing.  Came up with a bit of a surprise.  Walt Disney Records has recently released a Winnie the Pooh album, entitled "Friends Forever," and Mark Lennon sings two songs on it.  So I quickly bought myself a copy, and I've posted song samples on the audio page.  I had no idea this album was out there.  Listen, if anyone knows of any other albums that Venice members sing on, please send me an e-mail and let me know.  Thanks!

July 23, 1998
New pictures from Nancy!  View them here.

Got an e-mail from Kipp Lennon today:

Here's a funny survey thing that the guys and I filled out last year for the Gavin Report Magazine.  (Pre-baby for me.  That's why there's no mention of my son, who would now dominate probably every answer of mine.)  They do these little Q&A's  with various artists during the year.  Thought you might want to add it to the site.


He thought right.  You can find those Q & A's over here...

It is 7:15am Pacific Standard Time, and Wishing Well Entertainment has just informed me that they have one copy of Venice's self titled, debut album.  It's priced at $9 plus shipping, and will go to whoever gets there first and asks for it.  On your marks... Get set... Go!!!!!

July 22, 1998
Got this letter from Cliff, the band's manager:
"The guys have been writing some great new songs.  They'll be working them into the set over the next few months."
Cliff is a man of few words, but the words he speaks speak volumes.

Added some pictures sent to me by Nancy.  They've been added to the Fan Photos page.

July 21, 1998
Kevin sent me a very cool picture of Mark from last Sunday's Pine Mountain Logs show.  Check it out here!

July 17, 1998
Per management's request, some of the audio clips have been shortened.  There are no longer full versions of any of the songs.

Got something pretty incredible for you, though.  By anonymous donation, it's a 90 minute Venice concert from the Roxy in Los Angeles in 1988.  Some very rare stuff here.  Tons of original songs you've probably never heard before.  Early, very different versions of songs that eventually made it onto their debut album.  A few surprise covers (those white boys sure do play that funky music).  And a couple of woman backup singers.  This is a rare piece of Venice history, not to mention a great concert. So what are you waiting for?  Head over here and start listening!

Also of note, Lori, a.k.a. Senior Venician, sent me a Venice setlist from 1978!  This is a fan that goes back a ways!  Check it out at the bottom of the setlist page.

Harry O's is now saying the Pine Mountain Logs may hit the stage as early as 8:00pm this Sunday.  Nobody seems to know an exact starttime.  It might be a good idea to get there early just in case.  And hey, if anybody there wants to jot down the setlist as the show progresses, I would love to put that up.  (hint hint)

July 14, 1998
Got the following e-mail from

We used 3 Venice songs in our surfing video "Faces."  ("If I Were You," "Circus In Town" and "When I Get Over You.")  It is hot and Venice rules.  For any surfers who are Venice fans, you can get a copy by calling 1-800-CURRAN0.  That's 1-800-287-7260.  Keep surfing.

Patti (ShyMoon5) sent me a cool photo.  Check it out on the Fan Photos page.

July 13, 1998
Venice graces the cover of this month's Showtime! Magazine, a free publication distributed in record stores and restaurants in the Los Angeles area.  Inside is a very informative, well-written article by Sean Daly.  I have the magazine, and I will post the story on the Articles page, but I'm going to wait until the magazine goes off the stands.  I wouldn't want to cheat them out of their advertising dollars, which are based on the number of copies that are picked up.  So I recommend that you find yourself a copy right away.  And if you're not in Los Angeles and can't get one yourself, be patient, I promise I'll have it here on the site in about a month. sent out their newsletter yesterday, and this site got a very nice mention.  Thanks to Cliff, the band's manager, for helping spread the word!  If you don't already subscribe, send a quick note to that e-mail address and ask to be added to the mailing list.  It's free!  In the meantime, here's the letter:

Greetings from Venice!

It's been some time since our last update, so we decided to send a note out...

First of all,  thanks to everyone who came out for the Troubador, Avalon, Coach House North and Belly up shows recently!  As you'll see in the show schedule, we have another Santa  Barbara show coming up on August 7! 

We are writing songs for our next album, which we will begin recording soon.  Our label, Vanguard Records, hopes to have the album out in the early Spring.

We have received many messages from friends all over the country and in Holland who wonder when we'll be touring full scale again.  We will be back on the road as soon as we can, but need to focus on writing and recording for now, which is why we're only doing shows close to home, except for the Northern California (Blakes 7/24 and Sweetwater 7/25), Boulder and Lyons, CO shows in August!  We love playing the Fox Theatre (8/18), and The Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (8/19-21) is a wonderful event.  We hope to see lots of friends there!

A friend of Venice's has put together an great website on our behalf.  Please go check it out at  He really put an incredible amount of effort into it, and we're sure you'll enjoy it. Lots of info, cool links etc...

You can also get information from Vanguard Record's site @

For AOL users, our message board address is
<A HREF="aol://5863:126/mB:267283">Venice Message Board</A>.

For non AOL users, try

Following is a list of our tour dates this Summer!

Friday, July 24        Blakes                       Berkeley, CA

Saturday July 25      The Sweetwater       Mill Valley, CA

Friday, August 7      The Coach House North Santa Barbara, CA

Tuesday, August 18  Fox Theatre            Boulder, CO

Wed, August 19 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School Lyons, CO and Thu, August 20

Fri, August 21 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Performance Lyons, CO

We will also be playing some shows at McCabe's in Santa Monica again before the end of the Summer.  We'll keep you posted.

Finally, to everyone who has written to us about the Garage Demos.  We will send a note out when we have them in stock again...soon.

Best Always,


July 12, 1998
Pine Mountain Logs will play at Harry O's in Manhattan Beach on Sunday, July 19th. In case you don't already know, PML is made up of members of Venice, and they play nothing but cover songs.  Get there early if you hope to get in. 3600 Highland Ave.  (310) 545-4444. PML is scheduled to go on at 9:30pm.

I talked to Kevin Lennon after the show at the Troubadour last night, and he told me a story that's going to break everybody's hearts.  Which makes me a thoughtless jerk for sharing it with you, but I guess that's just the way it is.  A couple of months ago, when Venice played the acoustic shows at McCabe's Guitar Shop, they taped those gigs and mixed it live.  When they listened to the tape later, the recording came out sounding so perfect that they talked about pressing it to CD and selling it at the shows. Then disaster struck.  The tapes disappeared.  To this day, they still don't know what happened, although the theory is that the DATs fell into the trash and were accidentally thrown away.  Whatever really happened is irrelavent.  The point is, the tapes are gone, there were no copies, and there will be no release.

By the way, thanks to Kevin for handing me tonight's set list.  He wants everybody to know that this one came from him.  All together now, "Thank you, Kevin!"

In other news, the band is aware of this site, but they haven't had a chance to check it out for themselves yet.  They probably will very soon.  (Guys, if you're reading this now, Hi!)

Also, Kipp announced that the start date for recording the new album is August or September, for a Spring release.  They're still busy in songwriting mode.

The band members seem interested in contributing material to this webpage.  If they follow through with that, expect these pages to grow considerably in the next few months, with some truly unbelievable stuff.  Keep checking back!

July 10, 1998
Nancy ( has just informed me that Wishing Well Entertainment is now sold out of Venice's debut CD. Congrats to those of you who acted quickly and picked one up.  Hopefully, they'll restock, and if they do, I'll leave word here. In the meantime, they do offer a free search service, and can try and track down more copies if anyone requests it.

Moby Disc claims to have it.

G.E.M.M. lists a couple of sources that claim to have it.

If anyone knows of any other site that has it for sale, please let me know, so other fans can get their hands on it.  Thanks!

In other news, I added audio clips from David Crosby's "Thousand Roads" CD to audio appearances page.

July 9, 1998
Carol ( sent me a great picture of the band.  It's been added to the Fan Photos page.

July 8, 1998
Jam-TV's archived webcast of Venice's Chicago concert has added video!  Check it out

Also, a huge thank you to Wanda (Venicefan), for cruising through the site early and pointing out the cracks.  She's already contributed a bunch of pictures, two reviews, a radio show and a few setlists.  Much appreciated, Wanda!

Hey, does anyone have a clue what Kipp is whispering in "All My Life" after he says "It just seems like...?"  The guitar part obliterates everything he says.  I'd like to get that for the lyrics page.  Please E-mail me if you know for sure.  Thanks!

July 7, 1998
Well the page is finally up.  Took a lot more work than I expected it to, but well worth the effort, I think.  Special thanks to Ken Semer for the use of his photograph collection.  Some truly spectacular shots there, Ken!

The design concept for this site was for it to have a minimum amount of graphics.  One of my pet peeves is when a great website is built entirely out of pictures, so you spend forever waiting for each page to load.  I built this site with pictures here and there, but it's primarily text-based, so each page should load up instantly.

My hope is that these pages will continue to grow, with the help of you guys, the fans.  If you have anything Venice-related that you could send me, be it cassette tapes, video tapes, photos, set lists, newspaper articles, whatever, please contact me at and I'll post it right away.  (And will mail it right back to you, I promise!)  I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been collecting Venice material over the years, so let's get these pages expanding!

However, please contact me before you e-mail large files.  I'd rather not come home to be surprised by four hours worth of downloads.

If anybody hears anything newswise, please e-mail me and I'll post it here.  I'll try to keep my ears to the wall as well, but I'm counting on you people to keep me going.

Let's get that concert reviews page going too.  Still looks pretty empty right about now...

And if anyone spots any errors or typos on any of these pages, or has any suggestions for the site, please get in contact with me.  This is your page, guys.